The Seasmart™ range provides consumers with a wide variety of premium quality seafood including prawns, scallops and squid, sourced locally and all around the globe. Seasmart™ products are frozen immediately after harvest to maintain maximum freshness, while our state of the art facility and purpose built fleet of vehicles adhering to the highest level of food grade standards, gives customers full confidence that they are receiving products at their best!


The Sunshine™ range offers a wide variety of frozen seafood and value added products to the food service sector. Representing great value for money, the Sunshine range provides competitive prices on a variety of frozen seafood and portion controlled products for your food servicing needs.
Countrywide is the largest, national group of independent wholesale food service distributors. Working with Countrywide’s national buying strength, United Food Express can offer you a professional service at a competitive price. With the support of Australia’s largest food manufacturers as well as Countrywide’s own brand of quality products, we can supply everything you need to assist you in your business. Our supporting suppliers Countrywide product range